What tools does Fohr provide for influencers?

Fohr has many different tools that can help influencers reach brands, pitch, and understand their audience. 

Profiles: Analyze your numbers to uncover what resonates with your audience, and adjust your content accordingly. Track metrics and information including Average Reach, Most Engaged Posts, Sponsored Content Percentage and more. 

Press Kits: Download a customized, up-to-date PDF press kit at any time. 

Testimonials:  Drive your audience to leave Testimonials on your Fohr page – and hear directly from followers about why they follow you, what category you influence them in, and how often. Read more.

Bulletin: Register your interest in potential Gifting and Pro Bono Opportunities. Similar to applying to a job, while you might not hear back from brands, Bulletin offers a great way for you to introduce yourself, and get your name in front of their team for review. 

Verified Reach: Have your Instagram account scanned and verified to show that you are reaching an average (or above average) percentage of your followers. 

Content Search: Pitch your dream brands and send post-campaign reports to your contacts by searching a keyword, handle, or hashtag in your content. 

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