What is verified reach?

Verified Reach is a tool that shows if your Instagram Reach is performing above the Fohr Verified Reach benchmark — simply put, it's a way for you to share that you are reaching a high percentage of your audience.

Having a Fohr Verified Reach tells brands and agencies that your following is active and engaged and that your in-feed posts are getting a healthy number of views. If you have a Fohr Verified Reach, a badge will be displayed next to your name on your Fohr profile. 

How is Fohr’s Verified Reach benchmark calculated?

Our data scientist built a model using information from industry standards, from our Fohr community, and from the thousands of managed campaigns we’ve run in-house. 

Who is eligible for a Fohr Verified Reach?

Influencers who are on Fohr with over 5,000 Instagram followers are eligible to receive a Fohr Verified Reach.  

How do I get my reach Fohr Verified?

If you are already a member of our platform community, you can login, head to your settings, and click on the ‘Verified Reach’ button lower down on that page. 

If you are not yet on our platform, all you have to do is sign up with a profile and follow the onboarding prompts.

How do I know if my reach has been Fohr Verified?

If your reach gets Fohr Verified, you will receive an email notification within 24 hours after submitting for Verification or after creating a profile on Fohr.

Once you are Verified, a Verification Badge will be displayed next to your name at the top of your Fohr profile. The badge is visible to our team and our paying clients across brands and agencies. 

What does it mean if my reach is not Fohr Verified? 

Your reach might not be Fohr Verified for many reasons. For example, your audience may have a large portion of inactive users, your engagement may have recently dropped, and so on. 

When can I reapply? 

You can reapply at any time, but we recommend waiting until you’ve posted 20+ new photos to your Instagram feed. 

Is Fohr Verified Reach associated with being verified on Instagram (and receiving a blue check next to your handle)?

No. Fohr Verified Reach is unrelated to Instagram verification, which Fohr does not control.

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