How to gather and share follower testimonials

Your followers aren’t just a number. Follower testimonials are a way to utilize your audience to tell brands things about you that we might not learn strictly from your metrics. 

Once you gather testimonials, you can feature them on your Fohr profile or download them to share in brand pitches as social proof. 

How to gather follower testimonials

  1. Login to Fohr 
  2. Navigate to your Profile section 
  3. Find your Follower Testimonial Link in the upper right-hand corner of your profile
  4. Copy this link
  5. Paste this link into your link in bio, your Instagram Stories, or anywhere your followers engage with you
  6. Your followers will be prompted to answer a few straightforward questions about you when they complete a testimonial. Responses can be as short or long as they need to be, and they are always anonymous. 
  7. You'll be able to view these testimonials in your Fohr account

How to see follower testimonials on Fohr

Once you receive a follower testimonial, they'll appear in your Fohr account. To see them, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Fohr 
  2. Navigate to your Profile section 
  3. Under your username, locate the Testimonials tab
  4. Your testimonials will appear here

How to share follower testimonials with brands

In your testimonials tab, locate the testimonial you'd like to share! On each testimonial card, there is a favorite button and a download button. 

Feature testimonials on your Fohr profile

  1. Tap Favorite
  2. Now, this testimonial will be featured on your Fohr profile to brands and the Fohr agency team.

Download testimonial images

  1. Tap Download
  2. You'll receive a 1080x1920 asset to share on Stories across platforms 

Can I review testimonials before they are added to my Profile?

You will have immediate access to review all of the testimonials you receive, by logging into your Fohr profile and approving the testimonials. Simply tap Favorite to feature a testimonial!

Why testimonials are important in getting brand work

Testimonials add an element of social proof to your performance data (ie: followers, growth, engagement rates, etc). So often, brands are looking for influencers whose audience has real love for their content. Testimonials give you a chance to show off how awesome your audience is — and in turn, can help you seal the deal when pitching to clients!

Who can see my testimonials?

Our clients across brands and agencies will eventually be able to read these on your Fohr once they've logged into Fohr and viewed your profile to gain immediate insight as to why you’d be the perfect partner for their campaign.

These will not be viewable by your followers, or by other influencers on Fohr.

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