I contacted a brand and they sent me a link to their ambassador application page, but it’s not loading!

Thanks for reaching out! Here are a few possible reasons why the page is not loading: 

  1. The link provided to you was incorrect. All brand application pages hosted by Fohr should start with https://app.fohr.co/….
  2. You’re getting a 500 error. Please let the Fohr team know by reaching out to ambassadorsupport@fohr.co and the team will take a look! 
  3. You’re getting a 404 error or “This site can’t be reached” message. It’s possible that the brand is no longer activewly leveraging this landing page.  If that’s the case, do not fret – we have a wide variety of clients ranging from lifestyle, wellness, beauty, travel, etc., you name it! By signing up to Fohr’s discovery platform, you will become searchable to our paying clients across brands and agencies, who are using our database to discover new talent for their campaigns. You may not realize, if contacted by a brand via email, that they found you through Fohr since your direct email is listed in your profile. You will also be able to see Bulletin Opportunities that you qualify for and can register interest in.  

Curious how to optimize your Fohr profile for better visibility? Check out our Help Center article here.

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