I’m new to Fohr, what should I do?

Signing up to Fohr is only the beginning. To improve your chances of brands reaching out to you for collaboration, we have a few tips to share.

Make sure you're connected

The more robust your profile is, the more brands and agencies can learn about you upon discovery of your profile. How do they learn about you and your channels? Your social connection.

If you change your password, we lose authentication to your Instagram which means we can no longer pull insights on your account or display it on your profile. When that happens, brands will not see your account when they search through common filters like following size. To keep up to date, be sure to reconnect your Instagram profile on Fohr whenever you change your Instagram password.

Apply for Verified Reach

Let brands know your following is engaged and authentic. To do so, we created a tool that verifies your reach. For more information, check out our blog post here. You can apply for Verified Reach here. If your reach has been verified, you receive a green badge on your Fohr profile which lets brands know your following is legit.

Gather Testimonials 

Your followers aren’t just a number. Fohr Follower Testimonials are a great way to show brands why your audience members are so invested in following you, outside of just evaluating your social channels' stats and metrics. In sharing your Testimonial link on social, your followers can leave written accounts of why they follow you, how influential you are, and whether you drive their purchase decisions. 

Once you gather Testimonials, you can feature them on your Fohr profile or download them to share in brand pitches as social proof. 

  1. Login to Fohr 
  2. Navigate to your Profile section 
  3. Find your Follower Testimonial Link in the upper right-hand corner of your profile
  4. Copy this link
  5. Paste this link into your link in bio, your Instagram Stories, or anywhere your followers engage with you
  6. Your followers will be prompted to answer a few straightforward questions about you when they complete a testimonial. Responses can be as short or long as they need to be, and they are always anonymous. 
  7. You'll be able to view these testimonials in your Fohr account

Direct outreach and pitching

Typically, influencers will pitch themselves to brands — using their own existing contacts and their Fohr press kits to share their story. You can leverage the Content Search tool offered in your profile to pitch your existing brand contacts on content you’ve tagged them in. You can also download press kits to make pitching easy as 1, 2, 3!


Joining Fohr can also help get your name in front of brands! Once you’ve signed up to Fohr's Discovery platform, you’re essentially putting yourself in our directory of influencers, making your social content searchable to our clients across brands and agencies. Fohr also offers exclusive branded opportunity applications via Bulletins. Please note that these opportunities are not guaranteed: rather, they will be visible to you if your profile matches the criteria the brand enters into the system, or if the brand has specifically added you to their list of creators to reach out to. 

Sometimes Fohr creators are discovered on our platform without realizing it, since your direct email address is on your Fohr profile. If a new brand reaches out to you via email, you can always ask them how they discovered you to get an understanding of where your 'leads' are generating. 

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