Instagram Business FAQs

What is an Instagram Business or Creator account? 

Instagram categorizes its profile types in three ways: Personal, Business, and Creator. If you’ve never switched your account type, then you likely have a Personal account. However, Instagram doesn’t allow brands much access to Personal accounts through its information highway (known as an API). Therefore, switching to a Business or Creator account is the best way to let a brand know that you’re serious about being a partner and allows them access to your social stats, content, and Instagram Stories. 

Do I have to start a new Instagram account in order to have a Business or Creator account? 

Nope! You get to keep all of your content, connections, and setting intact - you’re just switching the way that Instagram classifies your profile. 

Is one type of profile (Business or Creator) better than the other? 

Not at all! You can select either of these options to establish an Instagram Business connection. 

Why do I have to have a Facebook Page in order to connect my Instagram Business or Creator account? 

As the parent company of Instagram, Facebook has integrated certain portions of the Instagram API (that information highway we mentioned earlier) into its own, making a presence on both a requirement for properly establishing an Instagram Business connection. 

I already have Facebook. How is that different from having a Facebook Page?

By being on Facebook, you already have a profile. However, a Page is what a business, organization, public figure, etc. would use to promote their latest marketing efforts. A Page is something that anyone in Facebook can create for free and share as they please. 

What if I don’t plan on posting to a Facebook Page? 

Totally fine! If you don’t plan to use the Facebook Page, it’s perfectly OK to let it sit dormant - no one is likely to find it unless you want them to. It only matters that it’s been created and connected to your Instagram account. 

What if I decide not to switch an Instagram Business or Creator account? 

That’s OK! You can, at minimum, connect your Instagram Personal account. However, the brand will be missing out on key information and content that may affect your chances of being selected as an ambassador. 

What if I’m uncomfortable connecting my Instagram account? 

We understand the importance of privacy in the digital age. However, we have made clear in our Privacy Policy that we take your security very seriously and any information that you’re sharing with the brand will be kept confidential.

What if I’m stuck and have more questions about the application or Instagram connection process? 

We’re happy to help. You can email us at and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible!  

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