I received an opportunity from Fohr, how do I get in touch?

Great question! For context, Fohr works in two different ways: 1) We have a self-service platform where brands and agencies run their own influencer marketing initiatives, 2) We also have a white glove managed services team that executes campaigns from start to finish (they would reach out to influencers on behalf of brands).

For our self-serve platform, one way to receive opportunities is via our Bulletin tool. 

In this case, you might receive an email notification that a new opportunity is now available in your Bulletin dashboard.  You can register your interest in these bulletins and our paying clients would be able to access a list of registrations directly. Please note that these opportunities are sent out directly from our clients who are using our platform and not Fohr’s managed campaigns team.  Fohr will have no insight or influence into bulletin decisions posted by our clients, and our clients will be managing the influencer relationships directly. This means that the brand or agency will be in touch with you directly via email if there’s a fit!

On the other hand, if you receive an email from a Fohr team member, that would be representative of our managed campaigns team.  In that case, please respond directly to that email for any next steps.

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