Fohr Email and Newsletter FAQs

How to opt out of Fohr account emails

  1. Login to Fohr 
  2. Navigate to your Settings 
  3. Scroll down to Email Preferences 
  4. Select what newsletters you’d like to unsubscribe from by clicking on the blue checkmark 
  5. Press Update

How to opt out of Fohr marketing newsletters 

If you decide you no longer wish to receive Fohr newsletter emails, Fohr Your Inbox, you can opt out by simply pressing your unique unsubscribe link in the footer of the email or reaching out to our customer support team. 

How long does it take to opt out of marketing emails?

Most of the time, opt-outs will happen within 48 hours. However, sometimes unsubscription requests can take up to 10 business days to process, so depending on when you unsubscribed, it can take a bit of time for the request to be implemented. 

I have additional questions. Can someone help me?

Sure thing! Please reach out to

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