Top brand mentions for influencers

Every month, the Fohr platform sends out emails to influencers who have real brand love for awesome businesses. This email helps influencers understand how they stack up against other influencers in the Fohr community and allows them to celebrate their love for businesses on social. 

How it works:

  • We curate a list of 3,900 top brands across different verticals.
  • We aggregate data from the previous month and see the top influencers on Fohr at each level (see level breakdown below) who are talking about a brand. We rank influencers in terms of how often they have posted about that brand, including both organic and sponsored posts.
  • An email is sent to each influencer, at each different level, for each individual brand, with a certificate in the form of an Instagram story. 
  • You can share your Instagram Story on social to share your love for brands — and increase your exposure to their social media teams. 

What platforms are brand mentions emails for?

Right now, brand mentions are for Instagram only but we are looking into expanding into other platforms in the future.

What follower ranges does Fohr use?

Follower ranges are: 0- 25k; 25k -50k; 50k-100k; 100k-250k; 250k-500k; 500k-1M; 1M+

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